Leave your auto sales to the professionals!

Unless you have a rare, classic or collectible car, selling your used vehicle can be a hassle. It's difficult for you to figure out a fair price, and listing online, in the papers and with potentially interested dealers can be time consuming and expensive. Additionally, many cars are worth more than the amount of cash that any one person is likely to have on hand, making it difficult to find a buyer - since, after all, you don't have the resources to offer a loan yourself. As such, if you have a car you need to sell, it might be best to sell it to a verified and registered auto dealer.

Our goal is to get you a good price and cash in full as soon as possible. Once you call, we will work with you to get the valuable information we need to decide exactly what your car is worth. This includes the make and model of the car, as well as any optional sport packages, third party upgrades or other valuable enhancements you may have put into the car over the years. Likewise, we will need to know the mileage and any other wear-and-tear issues which might decrease the car's value, such as major repairs, rust spots, or potential maintenance issues. The cleanliness and interior of the car may also affect its value.

Once we've established the condition and price for your car, we'll make you an offer based on current market rates and our experience in buying and selling cars over the years. If you don't like our offer, there's no obligation to accept - but we will do our best to give you an offer that's more than fair and well worth accepting. If you do like our offer, we can most likely get you cash for your car on the same day. No waiting, no paperwork hassles, and no need to worry about potential second offers or financing pitfalls. We have the money for your car in hand, and can make it immediately available for you to pay bills, make a down payment, or otherwise use as you see fit.

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